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About Us

ACt Ci Management, we believe that older properties are a great asset to the Dallas communities where they reside. These homes have the character and class that people crave, making them a valuable part of the local landscape. That’s why we offer older, smaller properties to our tenants, giving them the character they want and the personal attention from a management team who cares that they deserve.

5826 OramOur goal, whether we are working with a property owner or a tenant, is to provide personal attention for every step of the rental process, while maintaining our properties well and ensuring available homes are always rented to happy clients. Our properties are located in the middle of Dallas near everything that makes the city an amazing place to live. Our tenants regularly walk to their favorite dining, shopping and recreational destinations.

Renting a home in Dallas can be a pleasant experience. All you need is Ci Management. Browse our existing inventory today, or contact us to learn how our services make us unique in a market crowded with oversized, impersonal rental homes.